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Refresh your senses with the Breathe In mocktail mojito

Summer is here (finally!) and we are in the mood to celebrate the long, hot summer days with something special…

Pukka’s brand-new, organic Breathe In, a multi-sensorial tea with eucalyptus and mint, can help refresh the senses all year round. We’ve come up with another way for you to enjoy its taste as a mojito-style mocktail, that is ideal for picnics, BBQs and garden parties…

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Breathe In mojito mocktail

  • 2 persons

Enjoy the cooling and refreshing taste of eucalyptus and mint in Pukka’s Breathe In, with this twist on the classic mojito. We have opted to make this non-alcoholic to keep it as hydrating and refreshing as possible – and keep you feeling great all summer long.


  • Three Pukka Breathe In teabags

  • Juice of one lime

  • One tsp of granulated sugar or maple syrup

  • Handful of fresh mint, plus extra for garnish

  • Soda water

  • Ice cubes

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  1. Place three Pukka Breathe In teabags in a container with a lid and pour over 500ml of boiling water

  2. Let the mixture steep for 30 minutes.

  3. Meanwhile, muddle the lime juice, sugar and mint in a small jug, crushing the mint as you go. (No muddler? No issue – you can just use the end of a rolling pin for this.)

  4. Once the mixture has cooled, remove the tea bags and add to the small jug. Give this a stir.

  5. Pour into tall glasses and add a handful of ice to each.

  6. Top up with soda water to taste, garnish with mint and serve.

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